Slovenian MSc. students visited our department

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On the 25th of May more than 20 Slovenian MSc students and two teachers from the University of Ljubjana visited our department. The professional program consisted of two presentations as well as practical demonstrations. The first presenter came from Geodezia Zrt. and he summarized the activities of the enterprise.The second presentation was held by Szabolcs Rózsa, the head of our department. He spoke about the activities of the department and the Hungarian educational system. He gave a little insight to the activities and working conditions of the land surveyors in Hungary.


During the second part of the visit three demostrations were presented in rotating stages. The augmented reality digital  sandbox, the open source automatic monitoring system which is
developed at our department and the test load of a bridge model were shown.


Finally the participants had informal conversations.


Presentation of Geodézia Zrt.


Presentation of the department


Practical demonstration