GNSS monitoring system on the world recorder cable bridge

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We have developed and set up the GNSS monitoring system of the world recorder cable bridge in Sátoraljaújhely.

Monitoring GNSS reciever with prism measured by a total station for data validation


The system consists of a permanent GNSS station and 10 further GNSS monitoring receivers located symmetrically at both sides of the bridge. The system is capable to measure not only the vertical, but also the horizontal deformations of the structure. The system provides coordinate solutions in every second, which are transmitted to the servers of the BME via the Internet. Thus, we can observe the smallest deformations of the bridge from the distance of almost 300 kilometres in real time.

The real time monitoring system was successfully applied during the static load trials of the bridge. In the next months further valuable information will be collected together with other sensors deployed by the Department of Structural Engineering on the behaviour of the bridge under various meteorological conditions. These observations will help our structural engineering experts to further refine the operational conditions of this cable bridge.