Staff of the department in 2012


The Department of Geodesy and Surveying of the Faculty of Civil Engineering teaches fundamentals of land surveying and engineering surveying to the BSc Civil Engineering students. Moreover our department is responsible for the education of future land surveyors and geodesists on the BSc branch of ’Geoinformatics-Civil Engineering’ and on our MSc course on ’Surveying and Geomatics Engineering’.

Our lectures cover the topics of geodetic control networks and reference systems, geodetic projections, geophysics, geodesy, satellite geodesy, physical geodesy and gravimetry as well as large scale surveys and mapping, engineering surveying, land registry and quality assurance in surveying.

Our students have the opportunity to further train themselves on our accredited post-graduate courses in ’Technical geoinformatics’, ’Cadastre’, ’Satellite positioning’ and in ’Engineering surveying’.

Our outstanding students can enroll to our PhD programme in the frame of the Vasarhelyi Pal Doctoral School, where they can earn their PhD on land surveying and geodesy.

Our research areas focus on all theoretical and practical aspects of geodesy, surveying, land administration and mapping. We especially focus on high accuracy global/continental/regional reference systems, engineering surveys, recent crustal deformation monitoring, structural monitoring, satellite geodesy and positioning exercises. Some of our recent research projects cover the R&D of high-precision satellite positioning systems and their application in earth sciences, the study and the modelling of Earth’s gravity field and the development of automated monitoring systems and their application in engineering surveying.

We’re devoted to the education of engineers through practice. Thus our department established strong links to the industry and provide valuable consultancy services to our clients.